#8 Reason: Everyone Makes a BEA All Star Cheer Team!

We are counting down the days to Tryouts, May 18th at 1 PM. Top 10 Reasons to Join the BEA Family. 8 Days till Tryouts! #8 EVERYONE MAKES A TEAM! From novice beginner to elite πŸ€™πŸ€™ #BEA #joinTHEgym

All Star Cheer Team Tryouts will be held on May 18th at 1:00 PM at 638 Anchors Street, Ft. Walton Beach, FL. And YES, EVERY SINGLE ATHLETE MAKES A TEAM! (We will also help your athlete make their Middle School or High School Team. In fact, every BEA athlete who went out for their school team made their school team in 2018 and 2019!)